"So Much Better Than Drop-Shipped Baskets!"Diane, New Jersey
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The only snack to ever make a movie more enjoyable is none other than crisp, crunchy, can't-get-enough-of-it popcorn. So, for the movie lover in your life, we've created this beautiful gift that's comprised of all the ingredients they need to make the most delicious versions of their favorite classic snack. With three different types of all-natural kernels, unique gourmet seasonings, and a beautiful popper, movie night is about to get a whole lot better.

· Whirley-Pop Stove Top Popcorn Popper - 6 Quarts - A beautiful, hand-assembled popcorn popper that comes with a 25 year warranty and promises a delicious snack in 3 minutes.
· White Gold Popcorn by Urban Accents - 16 oz. - Premium, golden yellow popcorn kernels that create the classic fluffy, velvety snack.
· Ruby Red Popcorn by Urban Accents - 16 oz. - All-natural kernels that are brilliantly ruby red in color and create popcorn that's naturally slightly sweet.
· Sweet & Salty Kettlecorn Seasoning by Urban Accents - 5 oz. - A simple seasoning of sweet and salty tastes that quickly recreates the classic carnival popcorn.
· White Cheddar Seasoning by Urban Accents - 3 oz. - Sharp, creamy cheddar cheese that easily coats popcorn for a traditional treat.
· (2) Vintage Popcorn Dish - Two adorable, vintage style containers that make sharing a bowl a thing of the past.
· Buttery Canola Popping Oil by Wabash Valley Farms - 8 fl. oz. - Offering minimum fat and maximum flavor, this delicious popping oil is specially designed to be used at high temperatures.
· Spicy Chili Lime Seasoning by Urban Accents - 3.5 oz. - A delectable blend of savory herbs, zesty lime juice, and tantalizing spices that work together to create a unique treat.
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Customer Reviews

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  April 02, 2011
a.k.a this is the best
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Popcorn Lovers/Night At The Movies Gift Basket Classic

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