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Everyone knows that when it comes to making a good pizza, it all starts with delicious ingredients! So, when we created this fun arrangement, we got to work hunting down some of the finest gourmet Italian products. Complete with an all-natural crust mix, a smooth sauce from vine-ripened tomatoes, and an irresistible smoked pepperoni, this exciting gift creates delicious meals that rival even the most authentic pizzeria!

· Pizza Crust Mix by Leonard Mountain - 17 oz. - A gourmet crust mix created from all-natural ingredients and seasoned with rosemary, basil, and garlic.
· Pizza Sauce by Ya Mamma's - 16 oz. - A vibrant and zesty pizza sauce that's expertly crafted from vine-ripened tomatoes, a generous amount of garlic, and extra virgin olive oil.
· Vermont Smoke & Cure Smoked Pepperoni - 7 oz. - A deliciously dry, non-oily pepperoni that's made from scratch and expertly smoked over corn cob and maple wood embers.
· 4 Cell Pizza Spice Jar - 3.13 oz. - Distinctive seasonings of crushed red peppers, garlic and onion, Italian herbs, and Tuscana spices, that give instant authentic flavors to any meal.
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Gourmet Pizza Gift Stack

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