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Gourmet Food Gift Basket

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We get really excited about gourmet foods. And since we know that the people in your life do too, we decided to bring together an assortment of our favorite tastes, creating this sensational basket! This beautiful, sophisticated gift is composed of exquisite delicacies, including classic French truffles, irresistibly smooth caramels, and silky European hot cocoa, which are sure to impress at any occasion!


· Organic Raspberry Sparkling Cider by Val de France - 25.4 oz. - A vibrant and invigorating cider that's imported from Brittany, France where it's created using the ripest organic fruits, including fresh raspberries and crisp apples.
· L' Authentique Crepe Dentelle (in gold foil) by Gavottes - 4.4 oz. - Thin crepes that are rolled into delicate folds, creating elegant biscuit cookies that are famous all over the globe.
· Blanc & Noir Sesame Crackers by Wildly Delicious - 3.53 oz. - Delectable crackers created from rustic bread that's baked flat and generously sprinkled with both black and white sesame seeds.
· Orange Preserves by Les Confituriers de Haute-Provence - 12.3 oz - Exquisitely fresh jam that erupts with the blissful taste of juicy oranges that are sweetened with pure cane sugar and slow cooked in a cauldron.
· Chocolatier Truffles Fantaisie by Guyaux Chocolates - 2.8 oz. - Traditional French truffles that are formed by irregularly shaped balls of slow-melting ganache that are rolled into black, unsweetened cocoa powder.
· Almond Macaroons by Biscuits Fossier - 3.5 oz. - Irresistibly light and airy macaroons that are flavored with creamy almond extract and created using a 17th century recipe.
· (2)Marie Belle Aztec Hot Chocolate - 1 oz packets - Two packets of silky, rich European-style hot cocoa that takes minutes to create.
· Roquefort & Walnut Crackers by Biscuiterie de Provence - 2.3 oz. - Crisp crackers that get their unique flavor from a blend of nutty walnuts and robust Roquefort cheese.
· Cornichons in Vinegar by Clovis - 370 ml - Tender baby gherkins that are submerged in a bath of sophisticated vinegar cocktail, created from fresh herbs, fine vinegar, and crisp pearl onions.
· Pork Pate Spread by Henaff - 3.10 oz. - An old-fashioned treat of savory pate created from slated pork that's cooked until tender and blended with stock and spices.
· Assorted Caramels by Paris Caramels - 3.75 oz. - Blissfully soft, slow-melting caramels that are artfully created using fleur de sel and coveted Charentes-Poitou Butter.
· Paris Tea by Harney & Sons - 1.4 oz. - Similar to coveted Earl Grey, this is a complex, medium-bodied tea, but offers hints of sweet vanilla, creamy caramel, and zesty lemon.
· All Flower Honey by Baudat - 250 g - Gooey, sweet, raw French honey that's created the natural way, without being processed.
· Pink Champagne Biscuits by Fossier - 3.5 oz - Known around the world due to their bright pink coloring, these iconic biscuits have been expertly crafted for over 300 years.
· Noisette & Cacao by Noiseraie Production - 220 G - An unsurpassable hazelnut-cashew-cocoa spread that's created using just eight simple, organic ingredients.
· Dijon Mustard by Clovis - 7.06 oz. - Renowned for its high mustard seed content, this tangy, vibrant Dijon yields a remarkably powerful taste.


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