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Pretty, elegant, and (dare we say it) chic, this bright basket offers everything she needs for an evening full of fun! Inside, she'll find not only the necessities for cosmos worthy of Carrie Bradshaw, but delicious snacks to go with them too! Complete with a gourmet cocktail mixer and delectable eats, like zesty jalapeño-speckled cheese, this exquisite gift will be impossible for her not to enjoy!

· Cosmopolitan Cocktail Mixer by Powell & Mahoney - 750 ml
· Tipsy Cherries by Sable & Rosenfeld - 10 oz.
· 5 O'Clock Crunch by Feridies - 6 oz.
· Deli Style Hors D'oeuvre Crackers by Partners - 5 oz.
· Hot Pepper Cheese Round by Northwoods - 4 oz.
· Smoked Sausage by Northwoods - 7 oz.
· Strawberry Tea Wafer by The Original Carlsbad Oblaten - 1 oz.
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Gift Basket For Women

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