"It's awesome to find a company that actually makes the baskets they sell!"John, Seattle, WA
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This Chocolate Fondue & Fruit Basket is perfect for any group setting and is guaranteed not to disappoint. With an assortment of award winning dipping sauces and ultra premium “candy delicious” fruits, this fun and healthy snack is perfect for kids, family, co-workers or clients. Our Chocolate Fondue Gift Baskets are some of the most distinctive and innovative gift baskets you can find, with an assortment that is ideal for any gathering. The conversation is sure to go on for hours and keep your entire group satisfied with the amount of gourmet food offered. Inside, you will find a grand selection of delicious fruits, a high quality fondue set, creamy delicious caramel and chocolate sauces and an array of additional dips, snacks and toppings! This gourmet gift basket is a guaranteed hit and sure to have something that everyone will love!
What's Inside?
· 3 Large Navel Orange, 4 Large Assorted Apples, 3 Large D'Anjou Pear – Ten delicious fresh fruits that are flown in from around the world every day.
· Fondue Set by Trudeau - Includes a 12 oz bowl, 4 forks and tea light to perfectly warm dipping chocolate for unique fondue gift basket memories.
· Bittersweet Chocolate Sauce by King's Cupboard - 10 oz. - Perfect for any use whether it be on fruit or ice cream, in coffee or milkshakes, this bittersweet chocolate sauce has a complex taste and melts beautifully in the mouth!
· Pear Cinnamon Caramel Sauce by King's Cupboard - 11 oz. - This creamy caramel is blended with pure pear juice and cinnamon to create an irresistibly tasty sauce that is perfect for dipping or pairing with pies and baked fruit.
· Caramel Sauce by King's Cupboard - 11 oz. - Made with pure and simple organic ingredients like fresh cream, sweet butter and Madagascar Bourbon vanilla, this sauce is creamy and smooth with a classic caramel flavor.
· Dark Rasp Sticks by Sweet Co. - 4.1 oz. - These delicious milk chocolate sticks are filled with a raspberry jelly center.
· (2) Chocolate Chip Cookies by Brent & Sams - 1.9 oz. - If you consider yourself a chocolate chip cookie lover, than you have met your match in Brent & Sams award winning cookies.
· Banana Chips by GourmetGiftBaskets.com - 4 oz. - Pre-sliced and dried, these chips are a great way to experience all of the dipping sauces included in our Fondue Gift Baskets.
· Diced Peanuts by GourmetGiftBaskets.com - 4 oz. - Just another delicious option to share, snack on and dip!
· Dipping Pretzels by East Shore Specialty Foods - 6 oz. - These are the perfect pretzel sticks to dunk in any of the sauces that accompany this scrumptious chocolate fondue gift basket.
· Butter Rich Cookie Brittle by Moondance Baking - 6 oz. - This brittle is amazing combining a rich butter flavor and the compliment of a delicious cookie crunch.
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Fruit & Chocolate Fondue Festival™

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