"It's awesome to find a company that actually makes the baskets they sell!"John, Seattle, WA

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We know all about your Dad's sweet tooth. We've heard about his midnight snacks and found that "super secret" candy stash in his nightstand. That's why we created this gift just for him. With the sweetest nostalgic candies, most delicious snacks, and classic crunchy cookies, he'll get something for Father's Day that he'll love...and he'll know it's okay to stop hiding food all over the house.

· Sea Salt & Cracked Pepper Kettle Corn by KingOfPOP.com - 1.4 oz. - Crisp popcorn that's dusted in sugar, sprinkled with oil, and rolled in freshly cracked pepper and sea salt.
· Cinnamon & Brown Sugar Popcorn by KingOfPOP.com - 3.11 oz. - Irresistible gourmet popcorn that's speckled with freshly ground cinnamon and sweet brown sugar..
· Honey Mustard Popcorn by KingOfPOP.com - 1.1 oz. - Handcrafted popcorn that's covered in sweet, tangy honey mustard seasoning.
· Buffalo Popcorn by KingOfPOP.com - 1.5 oz. - Deliciously crisp popcorn that's sealed inside a generous layer of fiery buffalo flavor.
· Dipping Pretzels by East Shore - 6 oz. - Oversized pretzel sticks that are baked until evenly golden and then dusted with gourmet salt.
· (3) Jawbreakers - Sweet, rock-hard candies that dissolve layer by layer to reveal a different color and fruit flavor.
· Blue Raspberry Airhead by Van Melle - .55 oz. - An irresistible, chewy candy that explodes with tangy blue raspberry flavor.
· (3) Strawberry Airhead by Van Melle - .55 oz. - Chewy, taffy-like candy that offers the sweet flavor of ripe strawberries.
· Watermelon Airhead by Van Melle - .55 oz. - A thick slab of taffy-like candy that erupts with sweet watermelon flavor.
· Chocolate Chip Walnut Cookies by Holly Baking - 6 oz. - Crunchy cookies that are made from scratch and loaded with chips of rich chocolate and pieces of premium walnuts.

Father's Day Deluxe Junk Food Bucket

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