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Our Beer-B-Q Father’s Day Gifts combine Dad’s two loves: Beer and Grilling. These unique Father’s Day gifts contain all the gourmet ingredients needed to make Dad a certified “Grill Master”, and enough beer to quench his summer thirst. Each of these Father’s day gift baskets contain gourmet beef & burger rub, poultry rub, Budweiser BBQ grille sauce, red pepper grill sauce, peanuts, dipping pretzels, Corona, Sam Adams Seasonal, Leinenkugel’s Sunset Wheat, and Stella Artois. So, this year, send him something that you know he will love, send one of our Father’s Day Beer B-Q Gift Baskets!

Father's Day Deluxe Beer-B-Q Bucket

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What's Inside?
· Beef & Burger Rub by Urban Accents - 1.5 oz. - These rubs from Urban Accents with revolutionize the way you grill. Their rubs are critically acclaimed and you will notice the first time you grill with them. Each are designed to bring out the flavors in your favorite recipes. This beef & burger rub can be used on steaks, roasts, meatloaf and hamburgers and if you like a robust flavor, simply let the seasoned beef sit in the refrigerator for a few hours before cooking. Their rubs are natural and are not only sugar free but also gluten free!
· Chicken & Poultry Rub by Urban Accents - 1.5 oz. - For their chicken and poultry rub they have combined a unique blend of herbs and spices that will compliment your favorite chicken and poultry grilling recipes... flavoring any fowl with a flourish.
· Pork & BBQ Rub by Urban Accents - 1.5 oz. - Heartier than their other rubs, their pork rub contains brown sugar which is balanced with ancho & chipotle powder, garlic & onion is balanced with a bit of allspice and clove for a very unique flavor.
· New Mexico Red Pepper Sesame Grill Sauce by Frontera Foods - 12 oz. - Frontera Foods outdid themselves when they came out with this sauce. The base of it is red chiles from New Mexico, and then it is infused with nutty sesame, sweet garlic and spices. This is the perfect seasoning to use with with chicken, seafood and pork chops
· Budweiser BBQ Sauce by Vita Specialty Foods - 18 oz. - As classic as its brand, this BBQ sauce will delight your taste buds!
· Dipping Pretzels by East Shore Specialty Foods - 6 oz. - These Dipping Pretzel from East Shore Foods are great plain or with the sauce of your choice and are a classic snack you will be sure to enjoy.
· Roasted & Salted Peanuts by GourmetGiftBaskets.com - 4 oz. - The quintessential partner of beer, our roasted & salted peanuts will be sure to compliment your array of beers.
· Corona Extra - 12 oz. - With a Corona in your hands, you automatically are transported to a tropical local and let's be honest, who doesn't want that...so we had to include them in our line of Father’s Day Gift Baskets.
· Samuel Adams Sam Seasonal - 12 oz. - This American Classis varies by season from Summer Ale to Octoberfest, Winter Lager and Noble Pils, and all are equally delicious!
· Leinenkugal's Sunset Wheat - 12 oz. - With an appealing taste that has a hint of sweet fruit, this wheat beer by Leinenkugal's will be sure to go down easy.
· Stella Artois - 12 oz. - This premium Belgium beer dates back to the 1300's which says something about its lasting power. With a taste of mild hops and malt flavor, it is a very crisp and refreshing drink that Dad's enjoy; which is why we have included it in thisFather’s Day Gift!.
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