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What better way to tell dad how much you love him than with one of our brand new Father's day gifts? Perfect for the machine-minded man in your life, this Car Wash Gift Basket contains everything he needs to detail his car or bike with top-quality, brand name products. Inside he'll find Car Wash by Turtle Wax, a Professional Car Washing Mitt, Glass Cleaner from Rain-X with Anti-fog protection, Micro Fiber All Purpose Auto Cloths, Armor All Interior Spray, Shop Towels, and a bucket. The only thing that could enhance this Father's Day gift basket is if you offer to do the detailing!
What's Inside?
· Car Wash by Turtle Wax - 20 oz. – This wash, safe for all finishes, will remove minor scratches while leaving a high gloss shine.
· Heavy Duty Professional Car Washing Mitt by Golden Fleece - 8" x 11" – A mitt that holds soap and water well, designed to reduce the chances of scratching.
· 3-pack Micro Fiber All Purpose Auto Cloths by S.M. Arnold Inc. – Use these dry or wet for cleaning, dusting, and detailing. A favorite in our Father’s Day Basket.
· Glass Cleaner with Anti-Fog Wipes by Rain-X - 25 wipes – Cleansing and anti-fog wipes that come in a Moisture Lock Snap Pack so they won’t dry out.
· Shop Towels on a Roll by Scott - 55 on a roll – Heavy duty Shop Towels that work like a cloth.
· Interior Spray Protectant by Armor All - 4 oz. – Use on your dashboard, vinyl, door panels and console for a UV protectant shine.
· Bucket – A 12 quart plastic bucket perfect for holding suds.
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Father's Day Car Wash Bucket

Sorry, this item is out of stock at this time!
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