"It's awesome to find a company that actually makes the baskets they sell!"John, Seattle, WA

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Easter Gift Baskets

Silly Rabbit, Our Easter Baskets are Better

Sure, the Easter bunny is super duper cute. But just because it’s adorable doesn’t mean it’s got the best Easter baskets. Actually, we’re pretty dang sure that if there was a competition between our Easter gift baskets and the bunny’s, we would win hands down. Plus, our Easter gifts aren’t just limited to candy.

Dinner can be a pretty big affair on Easter. And you can help make it even more special than usual. Our gourmet Easter baskets include smoked apple cured hams and gourmet wines to take their meal to the next level. And you thought there were only Easter baskets for kids…

No matter how old we get, we still like sweet things, though sometimes with a bit more elegance than you get at the checkout aisle. That’s why our delectable baked goods are perfect to send for Easter. Obviously, they’re gourmet, which means that each cake and cookie is made with only the finest ingredients like artisan chocolates and fresh fruits, making Easter just as fun for adults as it is for a 4-year-old.

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