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No matter where they are, they can always have Paris.  That's because we've united some of the most authentic French delicacies into this beautiful, sophisticated basket. With a wide selection of the most decadent French gourmet foods, including traditional chocolate truffles, crisp almond macaroons, and butter palmiers, this generous offering allows the best of Paris to travel anywhere.
· L' Authentique Crepe Dentelle (in gold foil) by Gavottes - 4.4 oz. - Comprised of thin, delicate folds, these authentic crisp biscuit cookies are made in Brittany from a family recipe, using only the best all-natural ingredients.
· Palmiers au Beurre by Fossier - 4.4 oz. - Dense, buttery cookies that are lightly caramelized, making the perfect accompaniment to coffee or tea.
· Orange Preserves by Les Confituriers de Haute-Provence - 12.3 oz - An exquisite jam that's made with only the freshest oranges and pure cane sugar that's slow-cooked in a cauldron, in accordance with tradition.
· Chocolatier Truffles Fantaisie by Guyaux Chocolates - 2.8 oz. - Traditional, irregularly shaped truffles composed of soft, slow-melting ganache that's rolled dark, unsweetened cocoa powder.
· Almond Macaroons by Biscuits Fossier - 3.5 oz. - Crisp, light as air macaroons that are flavored with rich almond oil, and are created in a traditional fashion that dates back to the 17th century.
· (2) Marie Belle Aztec Hot Chocolate - 1 oz packets - A remarkably easy to prepare, authentic European style hot chocolate that offers an irresistibly smooth, smoky taste.
· Roquefort & Walnut Crackers by Biscuiterie de Provence – 2.3 oz. – Outstanding, all-natural, gluten free crackers that combine tangy Roquefort with walnuts for a uniquely vibrant, sweet and savory taste.
· Cornichons in vinegar by Clovis - 370 ml - Crisp, savory gherkins that sit in a bath of vinegar and gain a sublime, sophisticated flavor from pearl onions, and a variety of herbs.
· Pork Pate Spread by Henaff - 3.10 oz. - Made using the same recipe that debuted in 1907, this classic pate spread has become famed for its minimal ingredients and unbeatable taste.
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Customer Reviews

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I received this gift basket for Valentine's Day and it is absolutely fabulous!! The basket itself is gorgeous...and the packaging was soo pretty with the flowers and the bow. I haven't tried everything yet, but the caramels are delicious...they melt in your mouth like butter! I am looking forward to tasting everything else! All my co-workers are jealous! Thanks for putting together such a great gift!
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Day In Paris™ - Gift Basket

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