"There Are NO BETTER Baskets!"Christina, Boston, MA

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Cupcake Gift Baskets - (RETIRED)

Let Them Eat (Mini) Cakes

What could possibly be better than one delicious, gourmet cake made with the finest ingredients ever known to man? Um, a dozen of them. That’s what makes our cupcake gift baskets perfect for any number of occasions. Our cupcake gift baskets allow them to do that with the finest, gourmet cupcake mixes. Plus, they come with everything needed to make their mini cakes super fun and unique just like them.

Think cupcakes are just for adolescents? Think again. Who do you think waits in line at the cupcake shop downtown? Adults, of course. That’s why our cupcake baskets and other rich baked goods are perfect for saying thank you no matter the recipient’s age.

Kids do go a little nutty about cupcake gifts too, so they’re great for birthdays and special occasions. Want to make their party one to remember? We’ve got all the foods they need to make their celebration awesome, like our ice cream gifts and gourmet, handcrafted popcorn.

When someone moves into a new place, it’s important that it be made their own. With our pizza kits and cupcake gifts they not only create gourmet foods but memories that will make their new house feel like a home.