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Christmas Chocolates Gift Basket - Deluxe

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  • $149.99
Product ID: 5235
Christmas is a time when dreams come true, which is why this basket is one of our most popular holiday gifts. It possesses the craved, decadent tastes of dreamy, artisan chocolates that are skillfully crafted using only the highest quality ingredients. Perfect for spreading holiday magic to family, friends, and clients, this basket is a Christmas wish fulfilled.


· Chocolate Wafer Rolls by Fusion Gourmet
- 3 oz. - Irresistibly thin European-style wafers that are generously filled with smooth, creamy chocolate.
· Original Jer's Squares by Jer's - 4 oz. -  Squares of creamy milk chocolate that are filled with smooth Valencia peanut butter.
· White Chocolate Cranberry Cookies by Kimball Lake Bakery - 4 oz. - Crisp cookies that are full of white chocolate chunks and sweet, dried cranberries.
· Milk Chocolate Sea Salt Caramels by Sanders - .5 oz. - Gooey caramels are dipped into a bath of milk chocolate and lightly dusted with gourmet sea salt.
· Milk Chocolate Covered Cherries by Annalie's Chocolates - 4 oz. - Deliciously sweet cherries are covered in decadent milk chocolate.
· Chocolate Cookie Thins by Mandy's - 4.6 oz. - Crisp, chocolaty cookie thins are topped with sweet caramelized sugar for an irresistible treat.
· French Chocolate Truffles by Truffle Basket - 3.5 oz. - As gourmet as it gets, these dark chocolate truffles imported from France are absolutely divine.
· Vanilla Wafer Roll by Dolcetto - 4.5 oz. - European-style wafers that are rolled into delicate cylinders and filled with creamy vanilla.
· Cinnamon & Brown Sugar Kettlecorn by - 4.2 oz. - Gourmet popcorn that's sprinkled with freshly ground cinnamon and sweet brown sugar.
· Chocolate La Patisserie Crepes by Fusion Gourmet - 4.2 oz. - Delicate crepe cookies that are carefully folded and filled with smooth chocolate.
· Dark Chocolate & Caramel Smothered Grahams by Annalie’s Chocolates - .65 oz. - Crisp graham crackers are topped with gooey caramel before getting dunked into a bath of dark chocolate.
· Dark Chocolate Squares by Ghirardelli - 5.25 oz. - Sinful squares of rich dark chocolate that are crafted by skilled artisans.
· Double Dipped Peanuts by Old Dominion - 3 oz. - Premium Virginia peanuts that are enveloped by two layers of velvety chocolate.
· Chocolate Wafer Rolls by Fusion Gourmet - .9 oz. - Delicate crepe cookies that are carefully folded and filled with smooth chocolate.
· Chocolate Chip Cookies by Kimball Lake Bakery - 4 oz. - Classic cookies that are loaded with premium chocolate chips and baked until irresistibly crunchy.
· Milk Chocolate & Caramel Bar by Ghirardelli - 3.5 oz. - A bar of blissfully smooth milk chocolate that wraps around centers of gooey caramel.
· Double Chocolate Cookie Brittle by Holly Baking - 6 oz. - These all-natural, addictive cookies are made from the finest ingredients - the perfect thing for any chocolate lover!
· Chocolate Wafer Roll Petites by Dolcetto - 5 oz. - Pillow-like wafer cookies that wrap around centers of smooth, decedent milk chocolate.
· Milk Chocolate Drizzle Kettlecorn by - 1 oz. - Handcrafted popcorn that's drenched in golden caramel and embellished with ribbons of silky milk chocolate.
· Dark Chocolate with Sea Salt & Almonds by Endangered Species - .7 oz. - Rich, dark chocolate combines perfectly with premium roasted almonds and delicate sea salt.


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