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This impressive basket is unlike any other!  That's because we carefully selected over 30 of the most exquisite, award-winning gourmet chocolate delicacies from around the globe to create it. Composed of decadent chocolate-dipped cookies, blissfully smooth French truffles, and bars of irresistibly rich dark chocolate, this jaw-dropping basket is as pleasing to the eye as it will be to their palate.

· Chocolate Dipped Chocolate Moravian Cookies by Salem Baking Company - 8 oz. - Paper thin chocolate cookies that are dipped into a bath of creamy milk chocolate.
· Dipped Toffee Peanuts by Old Dominion - 10 oz. - These premium, hand-roasted peanuts are dipped into sweet toffee, making an already favorite snack even more delicious.
· Dark Chocolate Raspberry Sticks by Sweet Co. - 4.1 oz. - Gourmet raspberry jelly centers that are drenched in layers of decadent dark chocolate.
· Cara Mella Peanut Butter Chocolate Squares by Jer's Chocolates - 4 oz. - Creamy peanut butter centers that are enveloped by rich milk chocolate.
· Chocolate Covered Cherries by Marich - 2.3 oz. – Tender, dried Bing cherries that are smothered in creamy milk chocolate and lightly covered in a candy coating.
· Dark Chocolate Signature Bar by Lake Champlain - 3 oz. - Creamy, sweet, fruity, and floral, this 54% blend of cocoa surrounds almonds that are roasted to perfection.
· Chocolate Wafer Squares by Dolcetto - 8.5 oz. - Crisp, square wafers that are generously filled with layers of all-natural, real cocoa.
· Chocolate Chunk Shortbread Cookies by Salem Baking Co. - 2 oz. - Baked according to tradition, these rich, buttery shortbread cookies receive the perfect update with the addition of gourmet chocolate chunks.
· Hazelnut Truffles by Koppers Chocolates - 8 oz. - Irresistible treats of sweet hazelnuts that are drenched in smooth dark chocolate and dusted with confectioner’s sugar.
· (2) Dark Chocolate Smothered Pretzel by Asher's - .8 oz. - Thin, salt sprinkled pretzels that are bathed in irresistibly rich dark chocolate.
· (2) Milk Chocolate Smothered Graham Cracker by Asher's - 1.02 oz. - Maybe your mother told you not to double dip, but luckily, Asher's didn't.  These light, airy grahams have been dipped twice in creamy milk chocolate, creating a delectable treat.
· Chocolate Chip Cookies by Holly Baking - 6 oz. - These classic, crunchy delights are loaded with all-natural, gourmet chocolate chips, perfecting everyone's favorite cookie.
· Chocolate Caramel Nut Crunch by KingOfPOP.com - 6 oz. - Handcrafted, caramel popcorn that is tossed with pieces of fresh Virginia and redskin peanuts, creating a snack that will have them licking their fingers clean.
· Dark Chocolate Sea Salt Caramels by Marich - 2.1 oz - The perfect combination of sweet and savory.  These creamy caramel centers are bathed in dark chocolate and kissed with sea salt.
· Dark Chocolate Dipped Cookies by Supreme Chocolatier - 2 oz. - Delicious, cream-filled sandwich cookies that are carefully dipped into gourmet dark chocolate.
· Chocolate Dipped Toffee Cookie Brittle by Moondance Baking - 6 oz. - All-natural crisp cookie brittle flavored with rich toffee and coated with chocolate.
· Chocolate Dipped Coconut Moravian Cookies by Salem Baking Company - 8 oz. - Crafted from a centuries-old recipe, these exotic coconut-infused delights are dipped into all-natural chocolate, reinventing the classic Moravian cookies.
· Dark Chocolate Covered Raisins by Marich - 8 oz. - Delicious, moist raisins that are smothered in rich dark chocolate.
· Chocolatier Truffles Fantaisie by Guyaux Chocolates - 2.8 oz. - Exquisite, traditional French truffles that are created by taking irregularly shaped chocolate truffles and rolling them into black, unsweetened cocoa.
· Chocolate Wafer Roll Petites by Dolcetto - 5 oz. - Crisp wafer rolls that wrap around natural cocoa and vanilla centers.
· Chocolate Chip Walnut Cookies by Holly Baking - 6 oz. - Baked to perfection using all-natural, sweet chocolate chips and creamy walnuts, it's no surprise that these delicious cookies are award-winning.
· Milk Chocolate Orange Sticks by Sweet Candy Company - 4.1 oz. - These crunchy sticks are comprised of an orange candy center that is dipped into rich milk chocolate.
· Milk Chocolate Covered Pretzels by Tapestry - 6 oz. - Creamy milk chocolate on the outside and savory pretzel on the inside, these crunchy treats perfectly unite sweet and salty.
· Chocolate Fruit Medley In Colored Shells by Marich - 8 oz. bag - Blueberries, cherries, and apricots that are drenched in creamy milk chocolate and coated in a candy shell.
· Dolcetto Cafe Mocha Wafer Roll - 5 oz. - Pillow-shaped wafer bites that envelope a creamy filling of Sumatran coffee and real, all-natural cocoa.
· House of Bauer Dark Choc Bavarian Mints - 1.5 oz. - Known for their elegant excellence, House of Bauer produces these irresistibly decadent Bavarian mints of creamy chocolate centers that are infused with natural mint.
· Chocolate Wafer Rolls by Dolcetto - 4.4 oz. - Light, crisp wafers that are generously filled with a sinfully creamy milk chocolate.
· Chocolate Covered Cherries and Blueberries by Marich - 4.5 oz. - Dried blueberries and Bing cherries that are encased by fine chocolate and topped with a candy shell.
· Dark Chocolate Lace by Hauser Chocolatier - 7 oz. - Handmade in the USA, this delicious lace is created by covering crispy caramel with luxurious dark chocolate.
· Gourmet Nut Mix by Koppers Chocolates - 8 oz. - A decadent mixture of almonds, peanuts, hazelnuts, and Brazils that are drenched in rich, artisan chocolate.
· Dark and Milk Sea Salt Caramels by Koppers Chocolates - 8 oz. - A sweet treat of soft caramels that are drenched in semisweet chocolate that’s blended with sea salt.
· Holland Mints by Marich -  2.1 oz. - Luxurious, mouth-watering treats of velvety peppermint centers that are dipped into rich dark chocolate and set in a crisp candy shell.
· Triple Nut Milk Chocolate Bar by Lake Champlain - 3 oz. - A bed of pure Belgian chocolate that is laden with fresh almonds, pistachios, and creamy cashews.
· Mint Chip Maltballs by Marich - 1.76 oz. - Crisp malted balls that are coated in rich chocolate and encased by a shell of mint cookie.
· Dark Chocolate Bar with Almonds by Lake Champlain - 3 oz. -Crafted in small batches to ensure freshness, this all-natural bar of 54% cocoa and roasted almonds is the perfect blend of exotic flavors.
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Chocolate Gift Basket Jumbo - Sweet Decadence

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