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Cat Lover's Gift Basket

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A purr-fect way to show your favorite cat they're loved, this cat gift basket is loaded with special treats and toys that will pamper them in style. They'll love the pounce toy, kaleidoscope ball, furry fish, chicken & turkey treats, laser pointer, tumblers, salmon treats, and their favorite; organic catnip! The perfect way to indulge not only deserving cats but also their owners, our pet gift baskets will leave your pampered kitty purring.
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What's Inside?

· Skedaddles by Zanies - This soft plush toy invites playful cats to pounce! Just pull the cord and watch them go!
· Zanies Mylar Cat Ball – We all love bright, pretty things, and felines are no different. Made of metallic Mylar, this crinkly, shiny toy is irresistibly fun.
· Freeze Dried Chicken by Whole Life – 1 oz. – There’s no mystery about what’s in this bag. Made from all-natural, chicken breast and nothing else, this is one treat you can feel good about.
· Freeze Dried Turkey by Whole Life – 1 oz. – With no chemicals, additives, or preservatives, these treats of all-natural, boneless turkey are guaranteed to please even the fussiest felines.
· Guardian Gear Laser Pointer Exercise Beam – While a cat may be perfectly content relaxing on the couch, a little exercise is needed from time to time, and this laser pointer ensures that they’ll get it.
· Zanies Tweety Tumbler – Their cat won’t be needing too many other toys with this one laying around. This plush tumbler contains a tweeting chip, making it an instant favorite.
· Organic Loose Leaf Catnip by Vaness - Organic catnip that cats find irresistible due to its alluring mint-like aroma.
· Feline Greenies Savory Salmon Cat Treats – Sometimes, they may wish their cat had caught its own tongue. A feline’s breath can be bad, but these savory treats are scientifically formulated and proven to reduce plaque and tarter build up, just like a toothbrush.
· Zanies Zanies Kitty Catnip Creatures (1) – This small, stuffed animal is infused with catnip to create a toy that will drive their cat crazy for hours.


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