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Car Wash Gift Baskets - (RETIRED)

Baby, You Can’t Drive My Car…

…but you can wash it. Some people get scarily attached to their vehicles – and that’s okay (after all, everyone needs a hobby). Instead of reprimanding them for spending countless hours in the garage, embrace the fact that there’s something they’re interested in, and send them one of our gifts for car lovers. Comprised entirely of well-known, recognized products, our car baskets are perfect for a whole slew of occasions – from housewarming to holidays.

Ride On

So he loves his car, huh? (What guy doesn’t?) He may have no clue what he’s doing while he removes belts and replaces bolts from the carburetor, but don’t say anything (he’ll probably just get defensive and snap at you). Instead, give him the tools to do a job he can actually complete without a trip to the parts store by gifting one of our car wash gift baskets. Perfect for him on Father’s Day or on a birthday, these gifts are an easy way to get him to do something productive with his time in the driveway.

Drive It Home

Getting new wheels for graduation is basically the greatest cliché ever – no one’s complaining (except all the other kids who didn’t get one). So, send them the perfect gift to go along with their whip: one of our car wash gift baskets. That way, no matter how dirty the inside gets, their parents will still think they’ve kept it like new.