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Nothing brightens someone's day like their favorite candy!  Into this beautiful, matte-finished box we've united all the most coveted treats, like old-fashioned bubble gum, explosive Pop Rocks, and irresistible taffy, creating a perfectly sweet gift they're sure to love!

· (5) Nostalgic Bubblegum - Before anybody worried about how white their teeth were, we chewed gum because it tasted good and we could blow bubbles with it. Ahh, the good old days.
· (2) Blo Pops Assorted Flavors - The ORIGINAL Bubble Gum Filled Lollipop.
· Candy Buttons - Candy buttons on paper tape, always a favorite. Eating candy off of paper ... and adults wondered why we ate glue?
· Candy Lipstick - The "Original" Smarties Candy Lipstick; A classic candy packaged in assorted red and pink tubes!
· Candy Necklace - Sweet candy that you can wear. Who doesn’t remember these?
· (4) Smarties - Ok, so they won’t make you smarter, but who cares? These are a sweet and sour staple of American childhood.
· Gobstoppers - A classic hard candy, and by hard, we mean really hard, as in, “don’t try to bite the gobstopper, or you’ll break your teeth!” Each layer dissolves to reveal a different colored (and sometimes different flavored) layer, before dissolving completely.
· Hot Tamales - The original gooey cinnamon candies!
· Jaw Breaker - Maybe the most legendary candy of the bunch; we all know how much excitement these giant gumballs produced in kids.
· Laffy Taffy Banana -  Long-lasting taffy that's made with the irresistible flavor of fresh banana.
· Mike & Ike Original - These fruity jellybean-like candies were a staple at the movies and the drive-in; remember the drive-in?
· Necco Assorted Wafers - Here’s an interesting candy trivia piece. Did you know that Necco Wafers are the oldest continuously manufactured candy in the United States? Necco is the company name, short for the New England Confectionery Company.
· Nerds Grape & Strawberry Nerds - Pure tangy sugar buzz!
· Pez Assorted Pez - These Austrian candy dispensers have become huge collectors items for the same reasons that they’ll love the nostalgic candy gift basket. Everyone loves nostalgic candy!
· Pixy Stix - Flavored, powdered sugar, need we say more?
· Pop Rocks - The stuff of urban legend, these candies crackle in your mouth as you eat them.
· Ring Pop Space Gems - A jewel shaped hard candy on top of a plastic ring individually over wrapped in a printed metalized fin sealed bag.
· Sugar Daddy - These milk chocolate pops will take you a while to finish, but what’s the rush?
· Tootsie Roll - Another classic, classic candy. Here’s some historical background, in 1896, Leo Hirschfield came to the US and started a making candy in a small shop, where he decided to make a chocolaty candy that wouldn’t melt in the heat. He invented the Tootsie roll, which he named after his daughter’s nickname, Tootsie. The rest is candy history!

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Candy Care Package Mini™

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