The Top Places to Not Hide an Easter Egg


Easter is around the corner and everyone is starting to get ready for the holiday. One of the most popular Easter activities to plan for is an Easter Egg Hunt. When you're deciding on where you want to hide the Easter Eggs, don't forget to think about where "not" to hide them and why it could be a bad idea. Below are some of the top blunders that parents made when they were hiding their Easter Eggs.

1. Under the Sofa Cushions:

Unless you like to clean egg off of your couch, I would think twice about hiding them there.

2. The Oven:

In the chaos of a holiday not only will you forget where all the Easter Eggs are hidden but there is a good chance that someone will turn on the oven without looking inside.

3. The Dryer:

And you thought your clothes were dirty before they went in the wash?

4. Shoes:

Not a bad hiding spot but I would certainly avoid putting it in a shoe you actually care about.

5. Under a Pillow:

I would only recommend this spot if it is hidden under your significant others pillow because sometimes you just need a good laugh.

6. Behind the Toilet:

Sorry, that's just gross.

7. In a Coat Pocket:

Again, not a bad hiding spot but I would certainly avoid a coat you actually care about.

8. In the Fireplace:

I don't think you want your kids to be anywhere near ash, do you?

9. In Your Jewelry Box:

Would you ever?

Public Service Announcement: Remember, plastic Easter Eggs were created for a reason. If you do insist on using real Eggs, make sure you write down all of your hiding places.

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