Pink Football Pants – Oh MY!


I just went for breakfast with my friend Diana who must be the world’s greatest mom. She was bereft, having washed her son’s football pants with an old red jersey. The jersey had been washed so many times that she didn’t think it would run. Yet the white football pants were now perfectly pink.

I suggested that perhaps her son could make a team fashion statement: pink is the new macho. It might catch on.

“He’s only a freshman,” Diana said. “Maybe if he was already on the team for a few years….”

With suggestions from more sympathetic friends and tips from the internet, Diana went to work. She washed the pants again. This time in hot water with Tide Stain Release and lots of Oxyclean. The result was less garish, but still pink – a soft shade, perfect for a summer pedicure.

Here are the suggestions (some odd) that Diana received from friends and the internet:

· ½ cup bleach, ½ cup automatic dishwashing detergent, soak in a gallon of hot water

· white vinegar and baking soda, soak in a gallon of hot water

· Color Remover by Rit

· Upholstery cleaners such Rust-Out

· Kitchen/oven cleaners such as Carbona

· Wood cleaners such as Murphy’s Oil

A warning: don’t put any still-stained item in the dryer or the stain will set forever.

Another warning: Whites that have some synthetic in the material might turn yellow with these caustic treatments. (Is yellow more macho than pink?)

Diana’s final solution: A shopping trip to a sporting goods store and new football pants.