Killer Cape Cod Cocktails

In New England, we have our fair share of highly migratory predator species: beautiful common dolphins, monster bluefin tuna, and, most famously, massive sharks. While our coastal waters teem with makos and threshers, blues and sand tigers, the most infamous is without question the cunning great white, whose starring role in Jaws still has Cape Cod swimmers hesitantly entering waters.

Killer Cape Cods

But even though these giant fish get a bad rap, they command a certain level of respect and that is what Shark Week is all about. Since 1988, the Discovery Channel has dedicated an entire summer week to educating viewers on sharks. This year’s Shark Week comes to a close on Sunday and so we decided to toast to it with one of our favorite (and very fitting) drinks: the Killer Cape Cod.

2 Parts Vodka
3 Parts Cranberry Juice
Splash of Pomegranate Seltzer Water
Lime Wheels to Garnish

Serve in a highball glass with ice or in a cocktail glass.

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