Making Thanksgiving a Good Meal for Everyone

Thanksgiving is just around the corner. What are you thankful for this year? A warm home? A good meal? A loving family? We all have so many things to be thankful for in our lives, yet so many others have to go without each year. It doesn't take a million dollar donation to make a difference, even small acts of kindness can make Thanksgiving special for a family in need. Here are 4 ways you can help:

Top Flavors for the Holiday Season

Once Thanksgiving passes, Pumpkin Spice season is over! You may not like the cold or the snow or the dark, but you have to admit that the flavors of the holidays are some of the best you get all year long!

4 Delicious Variations on Your Typical Pumpkin Pie

As far as I am concerned, there is nothing wrong with the classic pumpkin pie. I'm hosting a Friendsgiving in two weeks and I have a laundry list of things to do, including make a whole bunch of desserts! Last year I actually forgot the pumpkin pie so this year I wanted to go all out and make one traditional and one a little more outside the box. Here are four of the variations on pumpkin pie that I came across while researching my options:

The Story of the Cornucopia: the Horn of Plenty

There are two Greek myths that explain how the cornucopia came to be. The first is that while hiding from his father, Kronos, baby Zeus accidently broke off the horn of the goat who nursed him. The horn then had the divine power to provide unending nourishment. The goat was revered by Zeus and was placed in the sky as the constellation Capricorn.

The second creation myth is that Hercules (the demigod son of Zeus), broke the horn of the river god, Achelous, during a battle. The cornucopia then became a symbol of harvest and prosperity and was associated with the earth Titan Gaia, the Greek goddess of luck, and Annona, goddess of the grain supply to the city of Rome. Since then the cornucopia has been a sign of plenty. In fact, “cornu,” means horn and “copia,” means plenty in Latin.
Cornucopia of fall decorative fruits