12 Random Facts You Didn’t Know About Jelly Beans


It’s National Jelly Bean Day! With jelly beans being one of our favorite treats, we thought we’d celebrate by sharing some fun facts with you:


Quick Craft: Making Easter Eggs with Stickers

Tired of dyeing eggs using the same old technique? So were we. That’s why we decided to do some exploring and find new ways to create fun, bright Easter eggs.Easter-2014-Eggs-2


Holiday Tips: The Easy Solution to Perfect Easter Ham

Unceremoniously cast aside on most other holidays, ham is the classic solution to Easter dinner, providing the meal with a substantial and somehow elegant centerpiece.



Valentine’s Day Movies for 2014

Young couple sharing a glass of red wine in restaurant, celebrating or on romantic date If you’re planning to impress this Valentine’s Day with a romantic night in, you know that the evening hinges on the details. Mood lighting, place setting, and a suitably impressive recipe are all de rigueur for any Pinterest-er worth one’s salt, but of equal importance is your wine choice. Instead of simply selecting a Tuscan Sangiovese to enjoy with rack of lamb, take time to pair it with a movie too! Below are some of the best Valentine’s Day date movies (displayed in random order), which we’ve paired with a selection of wines to take your date to the next level: