Trail Mix - Healthy Snack or Secret Saboteur?

Trail mix is a popular snack among hikers and campers. It's small, portable, and can be incredibly nutrient and calorie dense, making it a great way to keep your energy up as you hike over that mountain! But because trail mix is supposed to be a supplemental snack for someone that is working hard, it's not actually the best snack for someone trying to watch what they eat. Sure, it might offer much more nutritional value overall than a bag of potato chips, but most trail mixes are not as diet-friendly as you think! The problem is that most prepackaged trail mixes are loaded with extra salty nuts, dried fruits (super sugary!), and chocolate. A small package of pre-packaged trail mix could easily be several hundred calories, so the best way to know you are getting a healthy trail mix is to make it at home!
Trail mix nuts and raisins

Is a Cork So Important?

In the world of wine, the whole cork vs. screw top debate is sort of a big issue. While corks have been used for just about 400 years, they’re not always the best way to seal a bottle of wine. Due to cork’s porous nature, there’s an issue of “corked wine,” which is a pretty common occurrence when the cork actually gets moldy, making the wine undrinkable. But cork has many pros too.
"Barolo Italia" Cork

How Do You Make Decaf Coffee?

If you are anything like the team at, you can't wake up without your morning cup o' Joe! Or three or four cups...and maybe another one in the afternoon. For diehard coffee drinkers drinking decaf is practically sacrilegious! But plenty of people choose to drink decaf coffee. And if it comes from the same coffee beans how exactly do you take the caffeine out? 
Strange golden smoke taking away from coffee seeds

How to: Make Limoncello

When friends travel to new places, I always tell them to bring me back shoes. Most of the time, they think I’m joking, and return with the usual nick-knacks of shot glasses and postcards. But recently, my friend spent some time in Italy and came back with something equally as fabulous as some Emilio Pucci flats: real limoncello. Sure, I’d had it before, in mixed drinks and such, but nothing compares to the real thing handmade in someone’s cellar in Rome. Unlike the limoncello I’d tried before, this authentic, bottled elixir was so good that I craved more, spawning a little research. To my surprise and delight, I learned it wasn’t at all hard to make, so I set out to create my own batch of limoncello.
Lemon liqour (limoncello)