6 Delicious Super Bowl Recipes

Tens of millions of fans will watch Super Bowl 49 this weekend as the New England Patriots take on the Seattle Seahawks. GourmetGiftBaskets.com calls New Hampshire home so you can guess who we will be rooting for this Sunday! Millions of football fans will watch the game from their favorite sports bar, but plenty more will be hosting a viewing party right out of their living room. And Super Bowl Sunday means seriously good snacks! If you are hosting a party here are 6 delicious recipes you can whip up real quick to make your game day extra great!

5 Things You Need to Know About Your Favorite Snack Foods

You've probably never given too much thought to how that candy ended up at the checkout counter, but your favorite snack foods all have a story behind them and some really interesting histories any snack fan should know about!

How to Wrap Presents Like a Pro

I really like giving gifts and I always try to give people something really special and personal. I'm the perfect case study for showing that giving is better than receiving! But I'll admit my presentation isn't always perfect. While it is the thought that counts, I wish my gifts didn't look like they were wrapped by a 5-year-old in the dark! But luckily for me (and maybe you too), it’s easy to step up your wrapping game with these 5 tips:

Chocolate Fun Facts

As you’d expect on a day as special as National Chocolate Day, we’ve been celebrating accordingly. Wrappers discarded from gourmet truffles litter desks in our office and lunchtime was brought to a close with a slice of our chocolate cheesecake sampler. But we wanted to have our chocolate and learn about it too. So we did a little research and thought you might find these fun facts delicious (but maybe in a different way) too: