Am I Losing My Mind?


Fact: You reach a certain age, and no matter how young you feel inside, you start getting stupid. Stupider than your kids thought you were when they were 15 and knew everything compared to your nothing. I’ll modify that stupid a little bit, gentle it up a tad: You lose focus. And when you lose focus, you can do things like this – all of which actually happened to or were done by people I know, including myself . . .


10 Things That Drive Me Crazy

1. People driving under the speed limit in the left lane of a two-lane road

tailgating on a three-lane autobahn


Tech Support, Please Don’t Make Things Worse.

woman computer problems

This year alone I have logged so many hours on the phone with tech support for my less-than-two-year-old lemon of a computer that at times I have lost full work days, my patience, and – quite nearly – my mind.

Sometimes, out of the boredom that comes with waiting for this diagnostic or that test to be run, a background in journalism, and a general curiosity about people, I have had conversations with technicians about family, the pluses and minuses of arranged marriages, what it’s like to work all night. One time I was on the phone so long that while the tech was working, I actually took a shower, dried my hair, got dressed and put on makeup. “Speaker phone is on. Yell if you need me,” I told the tech. “Do not leave me,” I warned, “because if I have to start over again with someone else, I will jump off a roof.”


Iowa Flood Chaos Brings Back Childhood Memory

Car Flooded

My home, Ames, Iowa, has just experienced the biggest flood in the city’s history. Bigger even than 1993 where the roads were closed and Des Moines didn’t have fresh water for more than a week. There was eleven inches of rain in central Iowa in three days last week.