Remembering Where Old Recipes Came From


Our family recipe files are stained by tomato paste and smeared with olive oil. I came across a favorite recipe given to me by a favorite friend whom I haven’t seen in the many years since she moved to California. The recipe was on an index card, written in her own hand. “Add sour cream and parsely (fresh).” At this point she had written “Yummy!!!” Judy was always a three exclamation point person.


How Did You Make This Dish? - Cooking Secrets

Family Eating A meal,mealtime Together

My mother was a terrific housewife. But in the early sixties, when she wanted to go to work “outside the home” as we now say, she asked my father’s permission.” She assured him that nothing would change: His shirts would still be crisply ironed, the house would remain immaculate and dinner would still be on the table promptly at six.


Watermelon is Not the Pits – Health Benefits and Serving Options


Summer at my daughter’s house can be counted in watermelons. On any hot day, she can be counted on to bring out a giant bowl of cut-up watermelon chunks or slices (which, by the way, when put on top of a vegetable steamer placed in the bottom of the bowl, will not turn mushy).


Chill Out with Calming Foods


Email is down. Deadlines are passing. Errands piling up. Book group coming. I am s-t-r-e-s-s-e-d! The go-to solution? Haagen Dazs dulce de leche or maybe a bag of Twizzlers or a handful my daughter’s cookies pulled out of the freezer and shoved into the microwave for a quickie defrost. Bad choices all. I would never pledge to purge them from my diet, but they really are really not a great prescription for stress busting. The sugar rush is great, but when your blood sugar rate drops, stress hormones are released.