Gift for a First Time Mom on Mother’s Day

After having a baby, there are a lot of firsts: first stinky diaper, first gummy smile, first try at a word. And while there’s no question that these events are important, there are significant firsts for the new mothers too – like their first Mother’s Day. Finding a gift for such an occasion can certainly be a challenge, which is where this blog post comes in. Below is a helpful list of great gifts that will easily make her day memorable, even though it’s the first of many to come.

New Baby Mothers Day

Convenient Clothing

If you think insomniacs have it bad, imagine someone who is mentally able to sleep but keeps getting woken up throughout the night. Moms with a newborn baby generally have to get up hundreds of times during the course of a (much needed) 8 hour snooze. This makes her very, very tired. And in a state of crazy, unimaginable exhaustion, finding something to wear at 3AM is just too much to ask. What would make her life easier? A robe. It’s easy to put on, super warm, and – most importantly – comfortable. This one receives top marks because it’s cute, comfy, and reversible – so no matter how it goes on, it’s going to look just fine.

Modern Marvels

Babies don’t really hang on to the edge of their booster seats during the latest episode of Mad Men, nor do they drool (purposely) over the clothes on Project Runway. This often means that Mom’s favorite shows take a back seat – there is just no way she can stay awake up until 11 to find out what’s going on at Downton. But she doesn’t have to. She could spend precious nap times curled up on the couch with seasons of hit shows at her disposable compliments of Netflix subscriptions and the world’s greatest invention: a DVR.


Things to Do on Mother’s Day

Things to Do on Mother’s Day

Once a year, there’s this special day that’s dedicated to moms. It’s called Mother’s Day. D-A-Y. Not a few hours in the morning or meeting for lunch or a measly phone call. No. It’s an entire day that’s she gets to be honored as your mother.


That said, it’s important that you spend some quality time with Mom on the second Sunday in May. I’m not suggesting that you forgo giving her a gift – she definitely deserves one – but I am saying that you should take some time to actually do something with her too.

So, for Mother’s Day this year, check out this list of things you and your mom can do together to make her feel special (because she really is).

Craft Corner

Moms love handmade things, especially when the things are made by the hands of her children. Pipe cleaners become sacred installations and Popsicle sticks are transformed into masterpieces. That’s why doing something kind of artsy on Mother’s Day is right up Mom’s alley. She’ll get a memory of doing something fun with you, along with souvenirs she’ll cherish. Plenty of local potteries and art galleries host special events for moms and kids on Mother’s day. Paint your own pottery studios have become increasingly popular over the years, and they’re all over the place, so you’re sure to find something in your area.


The Scoop On Our Easter Baskets

Whether this is your first time shopping with us or you’ve been a regular for years, we thought we’d take a sec to give you the scoop on some of our favorite Easter products this season.


Like all of our products, our Easter gifts are full with the best possible foods and toys. We’re a gourmet company, after all, and we actually try all of our products before we choose to carry them. So it’s in our favor to fill our baskets with really good food. Seriously, everyone in our company participates in taste tests that our R&D department then analyzes to bring you the best of the best. And as we are continuously discovering new tastes, our baskets get changed to bring them to and your recipients.


The Worst Ever Easter Candies

Like Halloween, Easter is a holiday that wouldn’t be complete without candy. Every year, displays of bright floral boxes and fun festive shapes take over the candy aisle, an event that children and grownups alike look forward to. Since it’s only available once a year, Easter candy has become pretty special – sacred even. Well, at least some of it has. As always, there are a few candies that try to hop onto the Easter bandwagon, but fail miserably to live up to the standards set by Reese’s Peanut Butter Cup Eggs. (Best. Candy. Ever.) So here they are, in somewhat random order; the Easter candies you should really stay away from:


1. Chicks and Rabbits

If you’re head over heels for that alluring light banana flavor of Circus Peanuts – just kidding, I know no one’s ever actually liked them – you’re going to love Chicks and Rabbits. These delights are labeled as being a marshmallow candy, which is interesting given their texture. Chicks and Rabbits are formed with that unmistakable, crumbly plastic-like foam that have made Circus Peanuts so popular. Sadly, the only redemption for these fuzzy farm darlings would be a super cute appearance…but instead, their elongated faces and large, vacant eyes make them look like E.T.’s cousins. Fail.