Top Halloween Candies

Just like Halloween costumes, all candies aren’t created equally. There are certain sweets that basically exist for the sole purpose of trading up and others that are coveted by children of all ages. So, to help your neighborhood’s trick-or-treaters enjoy this Halloween (and to prevent your house from getting toilet papered), make sure to hand out these top 10 candies:

Top 10 Holiday Candies

10. Kit-Kats

These oxymoronic sweets of smooth chocolate and crunchy wafer biscuits offer something unique in the candy world: perfectly portioned sharability.

9. Nerds

It doesn’t take a genius to understand that the word “nerd” basically means “awesome.” Superman’s alter-ego? Dork-a-licious Clark Kent. Hermione Granger? Totally dweebie and totally fantastic. Thus, contrary to what you may think about these tiny, tangy crunchy candies given their name at first glance, they’re completely wonderful.


Hosting A 4th of July Party

For those of you organizing a patriotic party this Thursday, go ahead and shelf your stress. We know that entertaining can be kind of a lot to deal with…especially when it’s hot out. That’s why we’ve created this simple list that helps you pull together the perfect star-spangled soiree in just a few steps:



Slow Down and Make Your Dad Breakfast

Breakfast is the most important meal of the day. (We learned that from Dad.) So, this Father’s Day, create a breakfast just for him! We’ve collected some of our favorite recipes to make it easy for you to find one your dad will love! Enjoy!

Breakfast eggs.

For the Dad Who’s…


You name it – brownies, cakes, pies – if it’s sugary, your dad loves it. So, to start his big day off right, surprise him with a sweet, decadent breakfast that will satisfy his sweet tooth (at least for a little while, anyway).

Crème Brûlée French Toast

(Because regular French toast is just so expected!) This sinful recipe has received nothing but rave reviews, so we’re pretty sure that Dad will love it too.


Which President Made Father’s Day Official

Did you know that Father’s Day wasn’t an official federal holiday until 1972? The idea for it had, however, been around long before that, fueled by Mother’s Day.


Before becoming official in 1914, Mother’s Day was already recognized by a good many people, and celebrated around the country. At one such a celebration, the idea for Father’s Day was born. Sonora Smart Dodd of Spokane, Washington was sitting in a church attending a service to recognize mothers when the thought of Father’s Day struck her. She was the daughter of William Smart, a father of six, an American Civil War veteran, and a widower. Just like today, being a single parent wasn’t a walk in the park, which is why Sonora felt it was royally unfair that only mothers were honored with a day of recognition. Thus, she tried to establish its equivalent for male parents.