Memorable Christmas Gifts He’ll Love

When it comes to Christmas gifts for the man in your life, there are a lot of what-ifs. Like what if he completely out gifts you? Or he doesn’t think that heinous sweater is funny? And what if that thing you were unsure about but convinced yourself to buy anyway is something he completely hates? Exactly – you see the point – one wrong purchase and things can go terribly awry. That’s why, this year, you should skip the mob scene to the mall, save a small fortune on wrapping paper, and give him the gift of an experience, which eliminates basically all the what-ifs of tangible objects.

Christmas Gifts For Men

For the Sports Fan

Take him (and possibly his friends) out to the ball game! (Of course, “his friends,” means include yourself if you want to and by “ball game,” understand that you can treat him to whatever sport he likes most.) It’s fun, unique, and a total thrill because how often does he get to do this? Basically never. If he plays golf, a round complete with a reserved golf cart for him and his friends is a great substitute for game tickets. And in addition to becoming the object of his pals’ affections, this act of kindness also puts you in the running for Best Girlfriend (or Wife) of the Year Award.

For the Artsy Guy

Music and museums and movies – oh yes! If artsy things peaks your guy’s interest, check out events in your local area, including plays, exhibits, concerts, and film showings, that appeal to him. Make sure to find out what’s playing in IMAX 3D because films from yesteryear frequently make comebacks on the big screen, which he’ll no doubt love. And since these outings are generally pretty inexpensive, consider getting tickets (or gift cards for tickets) that can be used for something different every month. That way, he’s got a hot date a pre-planned at least every 4 weeks, which is pretty thoughtful (not to mention adorable).

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And, of course, if we don’t check in with ya’ll before next Thursday, we hope you have a totally enjoyable (and totally delicious) Thanksgiving!

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Halloween Costumes for Couples

So you’ve got a plus one for Halloween?

Well, congratulations, you’ve just made your last minute costume doubly hard. Whether you’re going to a generic Halloween bash or have gotten roped into your friend’s super narrow famous couples party, these costume ideas provide you with a range of easy to difficult looks that, no matter their complexity, will have you both lookin’ fly:

Halloween Costumes for Couples

From Film

The trick is finding costumes that other people can recognize, but are obscure enough that not everyone is going to come dressed as the same thing. And it’s okay to keep people guessing. How many people do you think are going to show up as Forrest Gump and Jenny, Danny and Sandy from Grease, or Margot and Richie Tenenbaum? And don’t forget about your favorite Disney characters, which are a great option because there are tons of them, so the chances of repeat costumes at the soiree are somewhat slim.

From Legend

Think you and your honey have a legendary kind of love going on? Put it to the test and arrive as a couple whose love has been known through centuries. Easy options here are Pocahontas and John Smith or Robin Hood and Maid Marian, which are simple enough to convey without the hassle of having to completely buy an outfit. And whatever you do, don’t show up as Adam and Eve. No matter how many hours you spend at the gym, it’s still not okay.


Halloween Events in Your Area

Oh, Halloween snuck up on you too? Well, don’t freak out just yet. No matter where you live, who’s all in your party, or how late you’re planning on staying out, there are events and attractions that are perfect for you.


Where we’re located in New Hampshire, there are tons of things going on right up until the week after Halloween. This site,, is fabulous, because it neatly organizes every event and attraction by state. They’ve got information on haunted houses, festivals, hayrides, and even pumpkin patches, so if you live up north like us, it’s a great place to check out what’s going on.

If you don’t live in New England, there are plenty of other totally helpful websites that can point you in the right direction. The two best ones we’ve come across are and Both have lists of attractions and events in every single state (and in some other countries), as well as links to other sites that offer additional information.