Family Taste Test

taste testing

It doesn’t sound like an important family ritual, but when I call “taste test,” everyone drops whatever he or she is doing and comes into the kitchen. We meet at the counter, glasses or spoons at the ready.


I Can’t Get No Satisfaction


You don’t have to be a fussy English teacher to find grammatical errors annoying. Or maybe you do. Then there are a number of widely used expressions that -- while not incorrect -- are just plain irritating. Here’s my list:


Tips from the Teacher


It’s after Labor Day, and most schools are once again in session. When my daughters went off to college, I gave advice about balancing bank accounts, safe sex and getting along with roommates. And I offered them a few suggestions about what I know best:  How to please a professor. Of course, there’s the obvious – do your work and go to class. All successful students do that. But there are other, more subtle ways to make a positive impression on someone who makes a final judgment on you. I’ve taught at a university for decades, so here’s some tips to make any academic star shine a bit brighter. (This works for high school students as well)


Garage Sale Trivia


As I write this, my husband has taken the local paper and is off to a garage sale. I cast him a warning look; I don’t even like my own junk, let alone someone else’s. And yet he has bought some interesting (and even valuable) things over the years. Here are three things I learned after living for decades with an inveterate garage saler. Some observations defy conventional wisdom, others not.