Christmas Traditions Around the World

Every family has their own Christmas traditions. For instance, in my parent's house we all open one present on Christmas Eve, than save the rest for Christmas morning. At my friends house, it's all about the stockings. Does your family serve a certain dish for Christmas dinner? Do you pick up your tree the day after Thanksgiving? Does everyone head to Grandma's for a Christmas brunch? Well your family Christmas traditions are nothing like these!
Christmas stocking

Healthy Christmas Desserts

Everyone loves to over-indulge a little bit around the holidays, but if your teeth are starting to scream for a break from all that sugar and sweet, here are 6 healthier Christmas treats that don't sacrifice on the festivities. And you know what I think, after a long night of delivering presents Santa will be glad to have a treat that's a little healthier for him.
 Pumpkin Cheesecake Pie with Whipped Cream

Homemade Gift Baskets Make for Great Last-Minute Gifts

Did you get invited last minute to a holiday party? Did you forget you're supposed to go to a Yankee Swap (aka White Elephant) this weekend? Realize you forget to get something for your Secret Santa? If you need a good holiday gift last minute and don't want to just get a generic gift card then why not whip together a homemade gift basket! Here are four things you should include:
Wine bottles

Where Do Christmas Trees Come From?

Don't you just love the smell of a real Christmas tree? Although I always had a fake tree growing up, I started putting up real trees a few years ago and can't imagine ever going back to plastic! I personally set my Christmas tree up the weekend after Thanksgiving so I can enjoy it for the whole month of December. Once it's up, that's when I really start getting into the Christmas spirit (no matter how early the stores start decorating!). But even though every public park, store and hotel lobby has its own Christmas tree, where did this holiday tradition come from?
Presents under the christmas tree