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Our spa gift baskets deliver indulgent relaxation everywhere they go, and our Bath In Luxury™ is no exception! They will love the silky bubble bath that will have them relaxing in a mound of soothing bubbles, the lotion that nourishes their hands and body, the bath pillow that transforms bath time, the exfoliating body net, the honey soap that soothes the skin, the eye mask that releases stress, and the foot brush that leaves feet feeling like new. So, if you want to pamper them with relaxation, send one of these spa gifts and know that they won’t be disappointed!

Bathe In Luxury™ Spa Gift Basket

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What's Inside?
· Body Net by Pendergrass - This modern replacement for the wash cloth creates a rich lather and helps scrub away the day’s stresses.
· Naturally Honey Nourishing Hand & Body Lotion by Upper Canada - 8 oz. - This rich, supple moisturizer will leave their skin silky smooth!
· Naturally Honey Foaming Bath Milk by Upper Canada - 1.7 oz. - One of the favorite ingredients in our line of bath gifts! Just pour this powder into your bath and watch the foam come alive to cleanse and relax.
· Naturally Honey Wholesome Soap Bar by Upper Canada - 5 oz. - This sweet scented honey soap bar will clean without drying out the skin and will leave them feeling fresh and clean.
· Naturally Honey Wholesome Hand & Body Wash by Upper Canada - 12 oz. - No spa gift would be complete without a high-quality body wash like this Naturally Honey Wholesome Hand & Body Wash!
· Eye Mask by Pendergrass - Clear - Just pop this eye mask in the freezer and, once frozen, place on the eyes to remove swelling. Not only will they look better, but they’ll feel better also.
· Inflatable Cotton Waffle Cylinder Bath pillow by Pendergrass - In these bath gift baskets, we’ve included everything that they’ll need to have a relaxing soak, and this pillow makes any bathtub so comfortable that they won’t ever want to leave.
· Foot Brush with Pedicure File by Pendergrass - Everyone loves pedicures, but few can make it to the spa to get a pedicure on a regular basis, so we included this set that allows them to do the procedure at home, preferably before getting into luxurious bubble bath created with the gifts in our spa baskets.
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