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Activities, Games & Puzzles Care Package

 What is a Care Package?
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This care package for kids comes loaded with a pile of activities, puzzles, and games that will keep their brain occupied for hours! Inside they'll find a plethora of activities to keep them entertained such as a Sudoku puzzle book, bendable pencil and sharpener, scribble pad, washable markers, playing cards, jax and so much more! There is no better way to show you care by sending your favorite youngster this incredible care package. Since this care package contains no food, it is also the perfect care package to send to summer camp.

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What's Inside?

· Sudoku Puzzle Books - This book comes with varying levels of Sudoku so it's perfect for a beginner to advanced.
· Crossword Puzzle Book - What better way to pass time and challenge the brain than with some good old fashioned crossword puzzles.
· Pencil - 12.5" long - This fun pencil will put a smile on your child's face as they write you a letter home thanking you for the gift basket.
· Pencil Sharpener - Since there's a pencil, there has to be a sharpener to go along with it.
· Fine Point Washable Markers - 12 Piece Set - These washable markers are perfect to use with the scribble pad.
· Scribble Pad of Paper - 60 Sheets - 9" x 12" - This can be used to send letters home or to release creativity.
· Rainbow Slinky - This classic toy springs to life with an array of bright colors, making it more entertaining than ever.
· Neon Scribble Slate - Creative expression on a neon pad; it doesn't get much cooler.
· Spiral Art - Spiral Art can keep a solo child or a group entertained.
· Standard Playing Cards - Whether playing solitaire alone or go fish with the other campers, cards are always a great pastime.
· Wooden Peg Game - Assorted Styles - This game is a mind bender that will help them develop their logic.
· Peg-A-Lite - A pocket-sized version of the bright, classic toy, complete with multi-colored pegs that can be arranged to create masterpieces!
· Rainbow Jax - A classic American game, it can be enjoyed just about anywhere.
· Fuzzy Face Pocket Travel - The magnet wand allows one to decorate a face however and then shake to clear and start again.
· Connect Four Travel Game - The perfect partner game, Connect Four provides endless entertainment.
· Lanyard Set - A set of colorful lanyards or lace set to create colorful jewelry.


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